Kusunohana Distillery × Hirokawa

We teamed up with Still Dam Saga(Kusunohana Distillery) and made our own Craft Gin. We used Hirokawa's harvest as a main botanical as well as sub botanical and created our Hirokawa Artisan's Gin. 

For our first limited edition small batch, we used strawberry as a main botanical. Hirokawa has been well known for strawberries for years and people used to recognize Hirokawa as a city of strawberries. It still is one of our main crops and is one of the nation's best.

For our second limited edition small batch, we used grapes as a main botanical. Currently it is one of the most harvested fruits of the area. We picked several different types of grapes in order to produce the best flavor.

We will be making more batches with our town's harvest and will keep collaborating with one of the best Gin creators.