Kichizaemon Orchard × Hirokawa

We teamed up with Kichizaemon Orchard of Aomori prefecture, very far from Hirokawa, some 1600km apart, to produce two products using one of Hirokawa's famous harvest, Yame Tea.


The first product we worked on is a jam. Apples of Kichizaemon Farm with Yame tea made in tricolole, red, white and green, or bi-color white and green, or red and green. It is still in the process of finalizing the recipe.

Another product is Cha-Miso. It is based on Bakke-Miso, a traditional food of Tugaru Region, made with Japanese butterbur mixed with Miso, or fermented soy beans. Instead of Japanese butterbur, we used Yame-tea paste, which has similar bitterness. It is very delicious and already receiving many requests for the sales. It is a best match to the rice, and also can be used as a spice as well.