Hirokawa is a beautiful town with many treasures available. But so many of them are overlooked or promoted in such a manner that it does not stand out. Also the local market being small and it is not worth the effort to promote locally, 

So we decided to carry the matter beyond the local boundary. First of all, it is difficult to promote on it's own. So we decided to promote based on a collaboration. Then the next question is to whom we team up with. Well as said earlier, it does not boost the name if we are to stay local, so we decided to work with private companies in and out of Fukuoka. Also we decided to choose many genres in which we work. It started out with agriculture and a traditional industry, but we expanded it to state of the art technology to art & design, as well as sports, social media, food industry to beverage industry. 

We are still at the entrance of the revolution. We are aiming for a higher goal of reaching overseas after this worldwide situation makes a turn. Hirokawa will not only be local, but will become a worldwide known town as well as a place to visit from overseas as a final destination.

What a small town can do with its possibility and passion will overturn the local's stereo type of it's rut hillbilly spirits.