CHIC(CyclingHub in Chikugo) × Hirokawa

Fukuoka Prefecture is now concentrating on cycle tourism. Since Fukuoka is well known for its cycling performance at the national races, the local government wants to use it as one of the resources. Also Fukuoka has a lot of beautiful nature and scenery, which will attract many non-locals and foreigners.

As a town located in the region, we decided to take it into our own hands and we decided to place a bike rack at restaurants, fabric ateliers, a museum, city buildings and more. With the help of the local bike group CHIC(cycling hub in Chikugo) ,we handmade all the racks and gave them out for free. 

We are also doing a cycle around the city tour, and visit the stores with the racks. We will be doing more tours in the future, as well as going to create a cycling map.


Come join a local tour with many historical sightings, sceneries and great food!