Akiyoshi Yuichiro × Hirokawa

We are honored that one of the best young Japanese Chef, Yuichiro Akiyoshi is collaborating with Hirokawa.

Yuichiro Akiyoshi is a specialist in Kaiseki Cuisine or a traditional formal dish, and became a chief chef at the highest ranked restaurant in Kyoto, Hyotei annex. The he was an Executive Chef for Ambassador/Consul-General of Japan in Paris. Also he was honored with the Excellency Award by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He now creates a special menu and recipe with Hirokawa Branders, using the harvest of Hirokawa, especially the fruits. He has already created several recipe as well as served a special meal at an event in Hirokawa.

He will be opening a restaurant in Paris this year, and we are aiming to work together beyond that to have a special opportunity to present Hirokawa in Paris.